Poems on Hope from year 5 students (age 9-10) at Eardisley Primary School

The First Signs of Hope

Hope – that vision of happiness and prosperity, surviving heartbreak and loss.

The first rays of sunlight, emerging from a storm of hate and anger;

The fire that keeps burning strong –

A light in a dark room.

Hope is a low expectation being lifted;

A single spotlight on an empty stage

Hope is a team of trusty friends holding a

A rope that binds us together;

All faithfulness intact.

Hope is the sliver of silver in amongst the residing vortex of black.

It is a fairy tale coming to life.

By Joe Elise Poppy and Aimee

Hope for a Better Future

Hope is like a graceful bird flying to the light,

leading us to goodness and love.

Hope is the chink of light in the midnight sky;

-essence of life that gives light;

Hope doesn’t end with death;

It is a wish that never ends.

Hope is the aura of life that leads us to our faith in God

giving faith to the world, giving confidence.

Hope is courage mixed with life that reflects on us all.

Hope is the glowing portal that leads us to our soul;

– A dream that never leaves.

By Karina Ellie Jasmine Jack Heidi and Kenzie

Hope is …

Hope is the sunrise after the threatening night;

Its glowing warmth holds me tight.

It is the spine of light behind the door;

The promise of much more.

Hope is the heart of a star, thrusting through the darkness of the universe

Keeping me close, allowing me to grow with confidence.

By Alex, Ollie Tristan Spencer

Hope is…

Hope is the eternal flame residing in everyone’s soul;

The swirling aura of the universe

A beam of light from heaven;

The depths of hell reversed.

Hope is a world of courage and faith, keeping us alive

Hope is the lone flower, growing in certainty;

The map that leads you back home.

Hope is the energy that spins the world,

Keeping our thoughts pinned to

The powerful dream of life.

By Willow, Kuba Luke Jake Adam

Hope for a Better Future

Hope is all of us together;

Arms around each other;

You and me together –

Suddenly we’re one.

Hope is the reassurance we need at night;

The subject of our dreams,

Giving the confidence to exit our comfort zone.

Hope is a second chance

And the words, ‘I forgive you’.

It is the urge and the call to be kind;

And to make a better world.

By Molly, Karina Issaac Cerys