OFSTED Framework

English schools are subject to an inspection regime implemented by OFSTED. Many schools in other countries are subject to their own inspection regimes.

We have extracted below a number of OFSTED requirements met routinely by VbE, as identified from the OFSTED’s 2019 Inspection Framework.

  • Requirement: Knowledge and cultural requirement
    VbE environment: VbE school are mindful of creating a full, rich and inclusive curriculum for pupils. School policies are reviewed for internal consistency with the school’s explicit values.
  • Requirement: Spiritual development
    VbE environment: Spiritual deveopment is an explicit focus of a values-based approacht to learning. Emphasis on development of spiritual literacy impacts on behaviour, learning, and people and community wellbeing.
  • Requirement: Provision for moral development
    VbE environment: The main forus of VbE in on the selection, practice and living of an ethical vocabuloary, through which learners develop an “ethical intelligence”.
  • Requirement: Social development
    VbE environment: Learners at VbE schools develop and ability to relate to on another, forming highly positive self-awareness and and effective relationships.
  • Requirement: Effective leadership to establish high quality education
    VbE environment: VbE schools encourage all members of the school, both educators and learners, to take personal responsibility for their thoughts and behaviours, and sustaining an ethical vocabulary.

For more details, see the mapping of VbE to OFTES’s requirements in our OFSTED 2019 Framework report.